Coastal Club

Getting to Know the Trigo Tribe

The 65 block of Trigo is our home and has been for the past decade. During that time we have been incredibly fortunate to have amazing neighbors and friends surrounding us. We began calling our little piece of Isla Vista the Trigo Tribe. We admire our neighbors so much that we can’t just keep them all to ourselves and want to share a little about them with all of you - the people that keep us going.

The first member of the Trigo Tribe we want to introduce is Jackson. He has been our neighbor for the past year although it feels like we have known him for a lifetime. He is often spotted on the 65 block tossing dye with his friends or returning from his latest performance. Moving to Isla Vista opened new doors for Jackson that he never knew would exist.

What are you most excited for at the moment? 

“I found music and I fell in love with it. Before I moved to Isla Vista I was just an athletic kid who had only ever played sports and never had much of a creative outlook. Unlike now, since I have discovered music. I was able to find music because of how big it is here in Isla Vista, and not just in the party scene. ”

“I recently completed my first EDM song and it will be going on Spotify within the next few weeks. It’s really cool when I think about my career as a producer because I never thought i’d ever get to this point in my life.  I always thought it was going to be a hobby but now my career has gotten to the point where it could blow up or it could not, but even if it was able to touch one person's heart then I would have reached my goal.”

Jackson loves Isla Vista because he discovered music here. We love Isla Vista because of the energy and the people around us bring. Our love for this little coastal college town continues to grow along with our tribe.


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