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UCSB/IV Facebook Essentials

Some college communities have an active Twitter. Others have unique Snapchat stories. Some even still use a Tumblr (yes, that website you ashamedly dabbled in in middle school is still active). At UCSB and in IV in general, our Facebook Pages and Groups are where it’s at. Below is a list of our most active pages and groups you’ll seriously want to consider joining.


  1. Free & For Sale (UCSB)
    1. At the top of the list, Free & For Sale reigns as the most important Facebook group on campus and in IV for your selling and purchasing needs. People will post books, clothing, household items, cars, etc. for sale and talk about cars about to be towed and lost/found animals. It’s essentially a community posting board. Keep aware though of Rule #7 which gets a lot of posts taken down: if you’re selling/buying keep the format as a “sales” post. If it’s anything else, put it as a “discussion” post. 
  2. UCSB Zesty Meme Cuisine for Horny Teens
    1. Despite the page’s title, it’s actually a pretty fun group. This is where a ton of students post memes relating to UCSB/IV life. It probably hit its peak during the Thomas fire, but every now and again someone will post a good one. With all of the everyday irks campus life gives us, these memes serve as a silver lining.
  3. Housing Pages (names listed below)
    1. There are two main housing groups: 1) UCSB Housing and 2) IV Housing for UCSB Students. There are other ones, as well, but they aren’t as big as these two. People also post housing on Free & For Sale (UCSB) so that’s something to look out for. Basically, when December comes around you want to join these groups to start looking for housing near the campus (notice how it doesn’t say “on campus?” That’s because in my not-so-humble opinion you want to avoid university-owned housing at all costs). People will post their apartments and houses, or spaces therein, on these pages/groups. 
  4. UCSB Book Exchange
    1. This page, in combination with Free & For Sale, is where people put up their old textbooks and reading books. After the first quarter, you’ll realize getting books at the bookstore is a total scam and you’ll be better off just purchasing used ones online (which is even cheaper than renting from the bookstore). 
  5. Rideshare Groups (names listed below)
    1. There are a TON of rideshare groups in the Isla Vista area: UCSB/SOCAL Rideshare Group, UCSB Rideshare Group, UCSB Bay Area Rideshare, etc. They’re good if you don’t have a car and need a ride, or if you are driving to Costco and don’t mind extra passengers (and extra cash!). 


These are the main Facebook groups and pages that basically everyone in Isla Vista is associated with. You could try to play it hipster and not join, or unadd yourself from, these pages. But, if you want to be real and see how much easier life is as part of a community than as a hermit, then try them out. I could insert a plug here about how you should like our Facebook page, Isla Vista Screen Printing and Embroidery, but knowing how intelligent and wise you are, you must have already done so. In all seriousness, our social media is where it’s at to stay up-to-date on sales and events at our shop!


Morgan’s introverted ways kept her from joining these groups earlier on and spent way too much money at our scam of a bookstore on single-use books. 


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