Island View Outfitters, Isla Vista's own supply store for apparel, accessories, and just down right, rad stuff, is the central hub for Isla Vista life and culture. All of our apparel products are designed and hand forged in Isla Vista by Isla Vistians. Our mission is to transpose the beautiful intricacies of Isla Vista into wearable and displayable art. In other words, we want to tell the whole world how magican this little community really is... and what better way to do so than through apparel?

We are honored for you to stumble across our Island View Outfitters webstore. If you have the chance, pop on in to our brick and mortar store on 6565 Trigo Road - our original location where all this magic began, all while being a full time student at UC Santa Barbara.

Our goal is to bring quality art and apparel to everyone who respects it. We love this town and what it brings for every single person that has the opportunity to experience it; whether they are collegiate students trying to figure out life and responsibilities, residents who've has the pleasure to learn what this place offers, visitors who are touched by unforgettable memories, or those who even know nothing about it other than the positive and unique vibes it radiates. Either way, we want everyone to experience the culture of Isla Vista, so welcome, explore, and most importantly, find something you like so we can outfit you as soon as possible!

Who we are, what we do

The square mile that we call Isla Vista has an aura, culture, and life that is not replicated anywhere else in the world. It is a micro community/economy/incubator/lifestyle that provides such rich experiences for all kinds of people. It is a central hub for creativity with no limits in a place that is so independent it cannot be controlled. It has an energy that people cannot truly understand - but that energy is what makes Isla Vista for what it is. Its arts, communication, and life nestled between the ocean and the mountains keep IV filled with youth, creativity, and a form of thinking that is not translated elsewhere. As artists, forgers, and communicators, we try to express those feelings through our vehicles of screen printing, community support, tinkering, and altruism.