Hot Spots: IV Food Edition 1

September 27, 2019 3 min read

Food:it’s dank. I don’t know about any of you, but after a long day in the office I like to come home, slip into some comfy big blue crocs, plop down on the couch, and throw on someBig Mouth. The only problem I face every time I do this is I don’t know where to eat/I’m too lazy to cook. Chances are you might be in the same predicament one fair night as well, so here’s what we get when we want to indulge in some IV Grub.


Highly underrated at this place are both the quesadillas and the quesarrito. They’re pretty much the same thing but one looks like a taco and one looks like a burrito… because that’s what it is. I’m a fan of doing the salsa verde on any order and honestly, guac on the side is always the call; you can dip your chips in it as well as your actual item. Sure guac is extra but life is short and you might as well enjoy some avocado that’s not on toast. Give the toast a break, it really just wants some jam again.

Bagel Cafe

Dude, the bagels are to die for. I personally always go with the herb cheese bagel no matter what toppings I am getting. That being said, I personally don’t think you can go wrong with the Super Emmaa timeless classicor the Fire in the Hole. With the latter I recommend getting the sauce on the side because it’ s spicier than a salsa-dancing contest at Phoenix's Annual Summer Chili Festival. 

IV Deli 

Okay, so this is the place to go to either at 7AM or 3AM (the next morning). The Fat Gaucho Sandwich is easily able to cure hunger in IV; I buy this and can eat off of it for like 3-4 meals non consecutively. Furthermore, the Burgerrito is an untapped gem in this town and I stan hardcore. Lastly, considering the Deli has a full functioning market inside of it, you can get various drinks, candies and chips on top of that sammy, which is wonderful when you’re in the throws of a crisis during winter finals and just want some strawberry Japanese soda.

Sam’s to Go

The prices and meat selection at Sam’s are really great, plus these guys are wicked fast when they make your sammy. I once saw an entire youth soccer team get their orders placed and delivered within ten minutes, and you all know how many kids are on those teams. Personal favorite is the #14, a lil’ turkey, bacon, avo, and mayo. Also, the philly cheesesteak is slept on.


RIP. You will be fondly missed. 


In all fairness, I never knew this place has a sushi burrito, which I will soon be trying. The wasabi salmon is also a really dank meat choice. I don’t recommend getting everything spicy though, otherwise you’re gonna have a bad time.

Hope this helps, enjoy the grub, and maybe come ask one of us at the shop if we want to join? We’re hungry too. 

Didn’t see your favorite spot? Edition 2 Coming soon!

Brock Clark is not a food critic, and all he really wants after trying all these restaurants is bigger pants. 

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