Isla Vista's Grub Guide

May 26, 2023 2 min read

Additionally, we also would like to point out that there are several grocery spots in IV and Goleta for all those who are inclined to cook. Albertsons, Costco, and Target are all located on either side of Storke Rd and Hollister Ave in Goleta.

Additionally, IV DeliIV Market, and IV Co-op (support local!) are located within IV and they definitely have the items you need if you need them right away. Be aware, though, that sometimes these places will be a bit more picked over than other stores given the sheer volume of bodies in IV. 

IVO's Top Restaurants (in no order):

Bagel Cafe - The Super Emma on an herb cheese bagel. Try it. 

Freebirds - Despite ten years of experiencing the disappointing cost of the burrito always increasing, the good ol veggie burrito packed with guac may be the best we've ever had. Also, big shoutout to the quesadilla, because they load those up like nothing you’ve seen before. Definitely recommend a plate and fork with this. 

Naan Stop - Rock solid Indian food. Spicy Coconut Chicken Curry and Saag Paneer. (Try Apna Indian Kitchen in downtown Santa Barbara too)

Hummus Republic - If you are looking for something on the fresher side, Hummus Republic's warm kale and couscous bowls hit the spot, especially when you can add Chicken shwarma, tzatziki, or falafels in there.

The Habit - We're not one to generally support large chains, but the cost for quantity on a fast, juicy burger and fries is pretty solid. 

Zocalo's - A fairly new restaurant that is a great spot for some simple, authentic street tacos and Mexican breakfast items like Chilaquiles.

IV Deli Mart - They have some wicked burgers and sandwiches and they’re open late. Enough said. 

Caje - Great coffee, delicious breakfast bowls.

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