One of the Prettiest Places on Earth... And in our own Backyard!

May 05, 2023 2 min read

Planet Earth! We love it, we live in it, and we should probably appreciate it more. No wait, we should definitely appreciate it more! And thankfully, Earth Day is just the reminder we need… or at least it’s a start. Speaking of starts, did you know this Earthly day of appreciation actually started right here in Santa Barbara



That’s right, Earth Day started in 1970 after U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson visited Santa Barbara following the 1969 oil spill off our coastline. His efforts in bringing attention to natural conservation has endured for decades and set the precedent for environmental regulation initiatives the world over and even lead to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Every year Santa Barbara hosts a range of events honoring not only the legacy of Earth Day but all we stand to retain and gain if we work as a community to ensure the conservation of our beautiful blue marble. 



Similarly, near & dear to our hearts on every Earth Day is the beautiful Carrizo Plain National Monument. 250,000 miles just to the east of Los Padres sits an untapped well of the most serene landscape in the continental U.S. Due East of our very own production shop, species such as the Blunt-Nosed Leopard Lizard, San Joaquin Kit Fox & the California Jewelflower are allowed to flourish thanks to the quarter-million acre preserve - the largest protected habitat on the Pacific Flyway. We’re spoiled to have this a hop, skip & a jump away from our front door but we want to encourage you to take the time and see it for yourself. It’s a poignant reminder for all we stand to gain by going the distance and doing our part to ensure many generations after us have the same chance to appreciate the beauty we’re fortunate enough to call a home. 

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