Thanksgiving: Dos and Don'ts

November 26, 2019 4 min read

Happy Thanksgiving fellow ‘Chos! We hope you are having a good end of the quarter and that all the studying and late nights are equally rewarded with warm meals and even warmer smiles from family and friends this Thanksgiving. Perhaps one of the most endearing yet sly holidays, Thanksgiving often sneaks up on us like a hunter on a turkey in the wild. Due to this, we find that it is imperative that we impart some kind wisdom on our fellow holiday-goers who might have forgotten this busy season of travels and feasts. With that, here are some of our best dos and don’ts for Turkey Day!

Do: Prep for Travel

Whether you’re traveling North, South, East or West, you have to make sure you travel to your best! Our first tip is to make sure you plan ahead. If you know you’ll be hoping on a plane, make sure you know how much equipment you need, what you can put in a carry-on, and how long you’ll be headed to your destination. Subsequently, if you are driving you should know a few things such as if you are going to be alone in the car or if you are giving a friend or some friends a lift. This one is paramount because the lack of space might limit you from bringing your laundry home and asking your mom or dad to do it for you. I generally also recommend making a list on your phone so that you don’t forget any little thing. This list can consist of everything from remembering to grab individual items like phone chargers and a toothbrush to checking the weather during your travels. Checking the weather is a big one because it’s going to affect your travel time and might require you to change your plans accordingly. For instance, at 3 pm yesterday you would’ve thought the 154 was a safe option. But, with the Cave Fire ablaze, now this isn’t the case. Stay up-to-date on travel conditions and do yourself a favor by downloading Waze or Google Maps.

Don’t: Show Up Empty-Handed

Easier said than done, but making sure you come to family or a friend’s house with something to contribute is a kind yet immense gesture that will make sure the holiday is even better than it is already slated to be. It doesn’t have to be anything cooked, as the travel time and busy life of being a student is sure to limit our abilities in making Thanksgiving-level cuisine, but getting something pre-maid or ordering something is definitely going to be a welcomed edition to the table. Nobody hates desert, and believe me you can’t go wrong by throwing an extra pie on the desert table. Not your speed? Might I suggest a full-bodied wine or sparkling apple cider to accompany that stuffing that grandma might have let dry in the oven for 5 minutes too long. You can’t blame her, she was probably giving you a hug or trying to make sure you were eating because grandmas can tell when you are skinnier than you used to be. This year I will likely be grabbing some donuts so I can treat the cooks to something special before they get down to business.

Do: Share Some Love

As much as you might not want to, don’t forget to put the phone down. I know it’s a cliché, but it’s pretty important to spend the holidays with those around you. In all actuality, making the time to talk to the people around you about all you’ve been doing while at school or work is going to make the biggest difference in their lives. Give them something to be proud of or give them a good laugh, but whatever you do, just know it’s bringing a little holiday love into their lives. 

Don’t: Forget to Get a Second Helping

If you have the means, I highly suggest making turkey day your cheat day. Chances are you’ll be surrounded by some fairly delicious food, and how often can you say that when you’re off at University? As long as everyone else has gone in and gotten a dish, and leftovers are a thing where you are at, there’s nothing wrong with diving into some. Your waistline will recover, the gym will be open Friday (Saturday at the latest), and the regrets will be minimal. Feel free to do this sparingly though, as it might be just as important to let someone else go in for a second helping too.

Safe travels Gauchos. We hope your Thanksgivings are as warm and kind as you have all been to us. Feel free to drop by the shop anytime and share some holiday stories with us as well! 

Brock Clark is most definitely looking forward to some gravy this Thanksgiving. There hasn’t been enough gravy in his life recently. 

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