Tips for Keeping Long Distance Friends in College

December 17, 2019 3 min read

Good afternoon, fellow peeps! Hope you are all having a great day here at the good ol’ UC of SB. College is an interesting one, isn’t it? You find yourself, find your friends, and find who you want to become, but what about all the people who helped you find your way here? It’s paramount not to forget all the friends who helped you originally find your way here. Sometimes, this can be easier said than done, but hey, we’re gonna give it our best college try. 

Way 1: Call, Text, You Know the Rest 

A super easy way to make sure your friends know you still care about them is by sending a call or a text throughout the week… I mean more than a single text is probably the best thing to do but that should be obvious. Both of these show them that you care because you’re taking time out of your busy life balancing beach time and study time, and if that isn’t friendship then I don’t know what is. You don’t even need to finish the conversation in one day, keep it running and it’ll be a constant update of the most vital things in your life and in your friends’. Calling is great too if you have the time for it; it’s good to get a laugh in amongst friends and this might be the best way to do it. I’m texting my best friend currently and he is telling me all the stuff I didn’t know I needed in my Saturday. Shoutout to Matt Salsedo. 

Way 2: Invite Them Here!

As much as we like to keep it local on the big weekends (mainly Halloween and Deltopia), there’s nothing wrong with inviting your friends into town for a little weekend hang sesh. There’s plenty to show them around town and chances are there’s some space either on the couch or for a blow-up mattress in your house/apartment. Inviting somebody to come here is perhaps one of the nicest things you can do considering how beautiful it is; chances are they’ll have one of the best times of their life and will want to come back as soon as possible. 

Way 3: Spontaneous Visits Home

Friendships often require some give and take. Sometimes when they can’t visit you, you visit them. Personal preference, surprising your friends at their place of work or at a birthday dinner is the best way to go. This can be easier said than done, as some of us have a farther route to travel and school/work often times won’t give us the necessary time to travel. In any case, if you can make this a reality, I highly recommend it.

Way 4: Send a Gift!

It doesn’t have to be anything super grand, but the small gesture of a gift on a birthday or holiday lets your friend(s) know you are thinking about them even if you aren’t there with them currently. Anything will do, heck you could even write a letter and that would be a huge deal!

Maintaining friendships from a distance doesn’t have to be a struggle. More times than not there will be a bit of homesickness or a longing but always remember that all you have to do is reach.

Brock Clark is currently maintaining 8 long distance friendships.

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