To Our Seniors...

June 20, 2023 2 min read

All good things must come to an end. We'd like to dedicate this blog post to our graduating seniors. We wouldn't be where we are today without you! You make IVO, IVO. 


Emily Johnson works on our custom side with High Desert Print Co! She will always be remembered for her daily Bagel Cafe runs.

Favorite Memory: Getting to live with my best friends and having all my other best friends never more than a block away!



Emma Susas is our Marketing Manager! She will be remembered for her constant filming around the store, both hands filled with the fish-eye and the camcorder. 

Favorite MemoryLiving oceanside and spending every day outside with my best friends on our deck!



Lukas Olesinski has been a staple retail employee as well as our go-to photographer! Lukas will be remembered for his talented surf photos and iPad kid habits behind the front desk. 

Favorite Memory: The community and how UCSB/IV feels like four years of summer camp.



Sophie Naylor is our Retail Manager! When she's not running the store, she spends her time creating art (inside and outside of IVO)! Sophie will be remembered for speaking French to our customers.

Favorite MemoryWalking to the bluffs to watch sunset with my friends and people watch!



Annie Bieber is our star retail employee! She will always be remembered for her sweeping skills and hungover mornings at work.

Favorite MemoryAll the IV band concerts! Being able to just walk into someone’s backyard and listen to great music (for free!!) with all of your close friends will always be a classic IV memory for me.


We love you seniors! We cannot wait to hear about all of your adventures. You will always be part of the Island View Crew. <3

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