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This blog post is an excerpt from IVO's We Gaucho Back: UCSB Freshman Student Guide
The transition to college is a big one, but don't worry - we've got you covered. UCSB has many resources to make this change feel a little less daunting.
The Library

The eight floors of UCSB's Davidson Library, are a second home to most students. Davidson is an architectural beauty, which includes 360 panoramic views of the mountains, ocean, and Santa Barbara sprawl.

The way the library works is as follows: 8 floors total, 4th is usually where most people hang out, and the higher you go, the quieter you’re supposed to be. If you open a bag of chips on the 8th floor, you might never be welcomed there again.

The library offers a range of resources outside of merely checking out books, and these include but are not limited to print stations, reservable study rooms, a cafe, and several water bottle filling stations. The library staff are well-versed in assisting the student body and we highly recommend turning to them if you have any needs ranging from specific title acquisition to research assistance.

Many of the majors have a library technician assigned to them and it might be worth your while to check with academic advisor or teachers to see who this is. They will be informed about the location of and titles within your major’s collection at the library.

The UCen

Briefly mentioned earlier, the University Center is at the center of campus, just across from Storke Tower, and operates a hub for day-to-day life on campus.

The UCen has everything from restaurants and a Print Shop to a bookstore, which is useful for getting textbooks quickly and grad gear when it comes time. The UCen is a great spot to mellow out for a bit between classes while grabbing a bite and taking in the scenic view, as the back side of the UCen opens into the UCSB Lagoon and Campus Point, which offers a sweeping panoramic of the ocean. It’s also worth mentioning that there is a post office located on the bottom floor of the UCen, which are mailboxes assigned to various groups of the campus, such as transfer students.


CAPS stands for Counseling and Psychological Services and is UCSB’s onsite department which takes on the responsibility of students’ mental health.

CAPS is a terrific resource due to the fact that the changes taking place during one’s time in college, both personally and professionally, are ones which shouldn’t be navigated alone. CAPS offers a safe environment which aids students in a manner of mental health related subjects. If the office or appointment sheets are relatively full, which they are rather often, we recommend asking the receptionist for a list of potential therapist options.

These resources are designed to be for the betterment of one’s emotional and mental functions, and we cannot express enough that the campus of UCSB operates a safe space for various identities and mentalities. For more on CAPS and the services they offer, we recommend viewing their website, which we have linked at the bottom of our resources section. CAPS is located along the main thorough fair of campus and is located at Building 599, just across the bike path from Storke Tower. 


CLAS is UCSB’s Campus Learning Assistance Services. At its core, CLAS provides tutoring and education resources which empowers students to take their learning practices to the next level. CLAS has a range of tutors and staff members who are geared at assisting students in graduating to the next rung on the educational ladder.

Chances are, a TA of yours might recommend seeing CLAS for some guidance on some of your bigger projects, as the students who work here have likely been in your shoes before. CLAS also offers an excellent opportunity for work and resumes should one be well-versed enough to teach a subject. CLAS is located within the SRB, or Student Resources Building.


The SRB operates both as resource establishment and study space for students. The function of the SRB is to offer students a plethora of resources not always available to students in a hands-on manner. Some of the various departments and centers in the SRB include the Office of Judicial Affairs (OJA), the Department of Women, Gender, and Sexual Equity (WGSE), and the Middle Eastern Student Resource Center (MERC).

The SRB also has printing options for students as well, and given its location right next to IV, comes in handy for students in a hurry to print while on their way to class. The SRB also hosts a range of workshops under the Office of Student Life (OSL), which is important to take note of if you are a part of any of the various fraternities and sororities, as these groups are required to go to several of these workshops. 

Student Health

UCSB Student Health operates like a miniaturized version of a hospital. With admission to UCSB, you are automatically eligible to be a part of the UCSB Student Health network, and, depending on your insurance or financial aid, the costs can be charged to your BARC account.

At student health, you can be checked out for anything from minor to major symptoms, and the facilities onsite can take care of several different health needs, which include but are not limited to STI testing, blood tests, and pharmaceutical fills and refills. Student Health is located across from the University Track at the North entrance of campus, just off of El Colegio. 

Dining Halls

As mentioned earlier, the dining halls are scattered throughout campus and are a quick way to get the meals you need to make it through the day. The dining halls at UCSB are Ortega Dining Commons, Carrillo Dining Commons, Portola Dining Commons and De La Guerra Dining Commons.

These are open to all students with the purchase of a meal plan, which range in price by the option selected. While these are open to any and all students, they are initially aimed at first- or second-year students who live in residence halls and have limited options in terms of cooking for themselves. 

Rec Cen

The UCSB Rec Cen is the perfect place to blow off steam and stay in shape. This is just off of Ocean Rd. and is situated behind Robertson Gymnasium. The Rec Cen has two gyms, the main gym and the MAC (Multi-Activity Court) and offers everything from personal training (for a fee) to intramural sports opportunities.

The Rec Cen also houses the Adventure Program, which, for a fee, allows you to rent equipment, such as kayaks, or join excursions, such as hikes and the like. Students are automatically given a UCSB Rec Cen membership once their BARC account is paid off for the quarter, and for non-students, there are generally discounts to join the gym. The facility itself also includes two pools, several outdoor fields, a bevy of tents courts, and a world-class rock climbing wall


Resource Connections


UCSB Library: https://www.library.ucsb.edu/

UCSB UCen: http://www.ucen.ucsb.edu/

UCSB CAPS: http://caps.sa.ucsb.edu/about-us/about-caps

UCSB CLAS: http://clas.sa.ucsb.edu/

UCSB SRB: http://www.sa.ucsb.edu/student-resource-building/home

UCSB Student Health: http://studenthealth.sa.ucsb.edu/

UCSB Dining Services: https://www.housing.ucsb.edu/dining-services

UCSB Rec Cen: http://recreation.sa.ucsb.edu/

Island View Outfitters
Island View Outfitters

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