Halloweekend: IV Halloween 2019

October 31, 2019 2 min read

Halloweekend: IV Halloween 2019

And a good spooky szn to you all, happy Halloween yee ghouls and ghostesses! Halloween is a special time of year for us where we get to take a breather from our midterms and have a night on the town, complete with all those tried and true costumes you promised yourself you’d never wear again. There is an unspoken guide to Halloween here at the good ol’ UCS of B so it’s best we go over all that now.


First-timers to the area may have noticed a slew of fences being erected throughout Isla Vista. These fences are designed to keep the population safe on what used to be a relatively wild holiday, which usually included more running in the streets than usual. We would suggest minding the fences and minding your drinks, as it is not fun to faceplant into a cold chain link on a hot IV night, especially when you’re wearing a costume that would impeed your vision, such an an inflatable T-Rex. 

Noise Ordinance 

Halloween has a past time of being outrageous and, if you ask your parents, they will likely agree with this. Due to the craziness of it all, there is a noise ordinance enacted every year around this time. Specifically, from October 26 -- Nov 3 you should not expect to hear any loud concerts or parties after 6PM. Nobody said you couldn’t have a kickback or still meander from house to house, but you have to do so on a whisper level. Safe travels and remember to tread lightly. 


This year, Halloween has the particular pleasure of falling on a Thursday, which is the day typically reserved for college night down on State Street. Expect everybody to be in costume as they make the pub crawl in the most elegant fashion statements they can. Remember if you are planning to take the bus downtown that most others will be as well, so arriving at the busses 25-30 minutes before the busses depart wouldn’t be out of the question. I’d personally suggest arriving earlier as I imagine this Halloween-College Night hybrid being the biggest one we’ve had in years.

Stay safe out their Gauchos, and for any costume tips be sure to check out Jayne’s blog!

Brock Clark will likely go as Forrest Gump for Halloween, but he is still strongly considering going as Willy Wonka.

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