How To Throw the Best Super Bowl Party

January 31, 2020 4 min read

Gauchooooooos! Happy Super Bowl season! It’s difficult to explain so accurately the joy which should befall you when that special day of the year rolls around, but I’m going to try. Super Bowl Sunday is like waking up on a snow day but you get to throw a party and it’s not super gloomy. Also there’s usually some really dank food, but now I’m just getting ahead of myself. Your Super Bowl here in IV should be no different than what you were used to doing back home. Sure, we might have tighter budgets, but that doesn’t negate celebrating perhaps the oldest US holiday outside of July 4th and National Pancake Day. Without further ado, here’s how you can throw the best Super Bowl party:

1) Pick a Location

Super Bowl Sunday is going to be packed wherever you go. Whether it be Stocks, Rockfire, or even somewhere downtown, there’s going to be limited seating pretty early on. Last year I was very surprised my friends I got a table for 12 at halftime -- we’ll call that a belated Christmas Miracle. This year, however, you’re gonna want to have a plan of attack in place. You’ll want to know who’s doing promotions like happy hour, how many people are in your party, and if you’re going to have or need a DD or an Uber to get you to and from the location. Certain places won’t take reservations on Super Bowl Sunday, so it’s important to keep that in mind, as well as the fact that you’ll probably have a few plus-one’s invited from people in the main group. I personally plan on going to my buddy’s house to stream the game, which I find as a great option because you can grab as many chairs as you need and you aren’t tied down to any specific food type which can be the case in restaurants and bars. 

2) Embrace the Foodie 

Naturally, food is going to be a major part of the day. But what kind of food is best? Literally everything. We’re talking wings, we’re talking charcuterie, we’re talking intricate dipping sauces only passed down by word of mouth in your family -- this is the day where you put up or shut up. If you’re going to a bar or restaurant, they will have food, granted it might only be one style or genre of it, but it should nonetheless be dank. If you’re going to or hosting a party, however, you most definitely should bring some food to throw into the mix; it’s a simple equation that reads more variety + more quantity = more quality. Do you realize how revolutionary dipping a mini pizza roll into nacho cheese is? How about some Charcuterie with a side of goat cheese? Game, set, and match. At this point you might be thinking that this is getting relatively expensive, which is understandable, fortunately you don’t have to buy everything. This is where friends come in.

3) Craft Your Crew 

Making sure you’re with the best people is tantamount to having the best time you can on Super Bowl Sunday. A good breakdown of friends will include somebody who is there just for the commercials, somebody who actually knows what the rules of football are, a fan of at least one of the teams, and people who can generally have a good time. It’s really not tough when it comes to finding friends who want to throw down and have a good time watching something together, so our best advice is just to enjoy the moment. Get in as much of a vibe as you can! Yell at those players, cheer, heck you could even boo and that would do. One serious thing we will suggest is to make sure everyone feels included, so make sure you have enough seating or tell people to bring some folding chairs. Pro tip: you can never have enough folding chairs on days like this.

4) “What if I don’t like football but all my friends do?”

I’m glad you asked, anonymous reader.This one’s fairly simple; you don’t have to enjoy football to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday. Super Bowl Sunday is more a chance to get some quality time in with your friends and blow off some steam in the process. Midterms are starting right now and there’s almost nothing better that I can prescribe then having a good time with friends for a few hours, unimpeded by the looming thoughts of studying. Also, the superbowl is essentially a national holiday, and who doesn’t like participating in holidays? So I say throw on your gameday best, go be with your friends, and enjoy those few hours of just being in the moment. 

Here’s to a good game Gauchos. Be sure to watch our instagram story as we’ll be updating the score and stats of the game periodically!

Brock Clark is rooting for the 49ers this year because he has a sizable bet on them. Kidding! It’s only a small bet.

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