What To Do with Free Time between Classes

February 04, 2020 2 min read

Ahh...classes have kicked in and you have a break in between Econ and English. But wait! What are you supposed to do during this awkward gap of time?!

Here are some favorite things to do around campus and in IV between classes:

1)Beach break!! How can you not want to be at the beach every second of the day? If you don’t have much time to kill stay near campus and go to Anacapa Beach or Campus Point. Otherwise, grab your board and bike over to Sands Beach for a surf sesh or some sweet tan time.

2) Make your break a study break by squeezing in some study time at the Lib. Grab a coffee at the Arbor and get your grind on at one of our air-conditioned floors. This frees up your night from the stress of studying and gives you time for something a bit more fun.

3) Between class breaks are the perfect opportunity to further your college education! Going tooffice hours with your Professor or TA can spark up some super interesting conversations, and can give you some brownie points, too.

4) Are you a broke and hungry college student? Well then UCSB’sfood bank is a great resource. Stop by the 2nd floor of the UCen with your access card and get ramen, canned soups, bread, fruits and veggies, and if you’re lucky even sandwiches...all for FREE!

5) Feeling a bit stressed? Put in your earbuds andtake a stroll or jog around the Lagoon. The SB sunshine and beautiful view is sure to calm you down. If it’s a hot day, though, you might want to grab nose-plugs. 

6) Having the same break times as other fellow Gauchos is a great time to make friends! Go into IV and grab a coffee or smoothie together as you rant about the crazy amount of essays you have to write. 


7) If you’re bored and in IV, come visit usat Island View Outfitters and shop around! We’ll be sure to keep you entertained. 

Jayne Butler is a pro at using up her free time… and procrastinating.

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